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gal-dem magazine (online and in print)was founded by Liv Little who, frustrated with the lack of diversity at Bristol University, wanted to reach out to women of colour like herself. It's a creative collective comprised of over 70 women and non-binary people of colour... gal-dem.com

Why I'm No Longer

Reni Eddo-lodge

talking to white people about race - illustration by Ben the Illustrator - unheardwords communityreni eddo lodge - unheardwords community

Reni Eddo-Lodge is an award winning journalist and feature writer, her debut non-fiction book, Why I’m No Longer Talking to White People About Race, was published in summer 2017.

Media Diversified

Media Diversified

   I've been thinking and thinking about the 'of colour' phrase - used by unheard as 'writers of color' and broadly, referring to 'people of colour'. In the 2010s the term that can absorb this phrase neatly and meaningfully is diversity and so it was with interest that I stumble across Media Diversified (M/D).

Media Diversified a young and growing non-profit organisation which seeks to cultivate and promote skilled writers of colour by providing advice and contacts and by promoting content online through its own platform.

On a global note, its'also worth checking out The Media Diversity Institute (MDI); which works internationally to encourage and facilitate responsible media coverage of diversity.

Wanna Be Podcast

unheardwords - wanna be hosted by Imrie

Imriel Morgan, chief exec of the ShoutOut Network, dedicated to increasing diversity and media representation. wanna be at the shoutout network.

In Conversation with Peter Kimani

peter kumani visits waterstones - unheardwords community Wednesday 14th March 2018 witnessed Peter Kumani in conversation with editor of Books and Arts at The Economist, Fiammetta Rocco at waterstones, Tottenham Court Road in London. A Kenyan poet and novelist, Peter was born in 1971 and is a graduate of the University of Houston's creative writing program. He was in the UK to talk about his debut novel "Dance of the Jakaranda". Visit Saqibooks.com

The Good Immigrant

Nikesh Shukla / Unbounded

unbound.com unbounded - unheardwords community Fifteen writers explore what it means to be Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic in Britain today

adelaide damoah - unheardwords community Adelaide Damoah - Artist A British artist and writer of Ghanaian descent who continues to produce striking works of art, blending African and Western influences.

How to Diversity

Heben and Tracy - how to diversity

Heben and Tracy of "Another Round" bring us How to Diversity

Summary -3 Tips:
  1. Try; this stuff is necessary to bring different types of people into the conversation
  2. Expand; your personal horizons, bring some different cultural perspectives ibto your personal life
  3. Try, guys; just try

courtesy of the Podcast Movement.

Jess Mowry jess mowry - unheardwords community Author of several books about black kids and teens; and insightful site with useful advice and guidance for fellow writers.

Artangle art angle - crossroads with vincent Since 1991 under the direction of Michael Morris and James Lingwood, Artangel has produced extraordinary art in unexpected places in our London home, across the UK and around the world.

Young Creative Future Historians
young creatives and future historians Organised Youth; a group of young photographers, filmmakers, curators brought together by Photofusion’s Community Programme to create a visual, oral history archive of stories of the British Black Panther Movement.

No ID Season 3 young creatives and future historians A Short by Émile (NOIDS3); no id season 3 an online drama series, intense look at university, from the perspective of students at various stages of their academic lives. Season 1 (2010) life outside of Uni. Second season (2012) higher production values; focus on lives within University. Third Season (2014) mixes the inner and outer worlds of the students, exploring lives of the less popular individuals (the hipsters, the introverts, and those hype-beasts). Filmed across London, in the last two years No ID has become a platform for actors and actresses.

art official media Art Official Media
Founded in 2005, AOF are the publishers of urban books and art media with illustrations that depict an urban perspective.

With Grace

by Joanne C Hillhouse

Joanne C Hillhouse with grace by joanne hillhouse - unheardwords community With Grace: Grace loves her home above the village, above the whole island. All her trees are lush and full of ripe fruits, except for one at the far end of the land which she dislikes. And, it's from this sad tree that Grace 'generously' allows a smiling, barefoot girl to pick.
"Writing is how I engage with the world, and while it is not just emotional impulse, it can be an emotional release...'With Grace', I was blindsided by a negative encounter...taking up entirely too much mental space. While the circumstances in the story are fictional, 'With Grace' came out of my desire to purge those feelings...I’m happy that a character so full of grace emerged, like sunshine chasing out the negativity." Joanne Hillhouse.

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